Climate Change is the biggest issue we’ve ever faced.

With glaciers melting, sea levels rising and millions of lives at risk, it’s clear that something needs to be done right now, before it’s too late.

The great news is that our actions can make a difference.

By taking simple steps to lower our carbon emissions we can dramatically reduce our contribution to climate change. So we don’t need to sit around and wait for businessmen or politicians to take the lead.

On this website you’ll find product ideas and practical advice to combat climate change. Most of them have the extra benefit of saving you money too.

Together we can save the planet. Find out how to Do Something Now

Top Tips: 10 easy things we can all do

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How to: dramatically cut your electricity use

Featured Events & Campaigns

Save Your 20% – campaign run by the Energy Saving Trust encouraging people to save 20% of their energy use and contribute towards the UK targets for cutting carbon emissions.

Global Cool – new charity which believes that the solution to tackling climate change lies with the individual and that industry and government are ultimately influenced by the demands of consumers.

Featured Products

Good Energy: Renewable Electricity – provides 100% of your electricity from clean sources and will also remunerate you for any electricity you generate yourself. Switching your supply is simple and just takes a few minutes.
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Efficient Light: Energy Saving Light Bulbs – bulbs which last up to 12 times longer than normal bulbs, emit up to 70% less carbon dioxide and are available in a range of attractive and low-cost designs.
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Maplin Plug-In: Mains Power Monitor – get an understanding of how much electricity is used by each of your household appliances by plugging them into the mains via this fantastic tool. You may be surprised what you find!
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Genersys: Solar Thermal Systems – supplier of systems which use clean energy from the sun to contribute to your hot water or heating needs all year round and significantly reduce your need for conventional heating.
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GoinGreen G-Wizz: Electric Car – the “world’s best selling” electric car consumes just one quarter the energy of a similar sized petrol car and is the only 4-seater car to have an “A” eco label.
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Featured Advice

Avoid leaving appliances on standby – televisions and other appliances left on standby pump over a million tons of carbon into the atmosphere across the UK each year. Make sure you turn them off properly.
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Turn down your heating by adjusting your thermostat – turning down your thermostat by just 1°C could cut your carbon dioxide emissions by over 5% as well as saving you around £30 per year.
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Cut down on unnecessary flights – air travel is a huge and growing contributor to climate change. Do you really need to take that flight? Could you go via train instead?

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Buy local food to avoid unnecessary “food miles” – buy local to avoid the “food miles” incurred by shipping products to the UK and reduce your impact on climate change.

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Measure your carbon footprint – find out what impact your current activities have on climate change and track this over time to see how much difference you can make from simple changes.

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Featured Books

Funny Weather: Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About Climate Change But Should Probably Find Out – Kate Evans
ISBN: 0954930932
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Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning
George Monbiot
ISBN: 0713999233
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How We Can Save The Planet
Mayer Hillman
ISBN: 0141016922
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“Climate Change Begins at Home: Life on the Two-Way Street of Global Warming”
Dave Reay
ISBN: 0230007546
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Featured Links

Energy Saving Trust – government backed organisation working to reduce energy usage in households and transport. Provides government grants for energy saving and equipment and renewables.

Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) – Europe’s leading eco centre showing practical solutions to environmental problems. Aims to lead by example and show that living sustainably is easy and can provide better quality of life.
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Doing something is so much better than doing nothing.

Together we can save the planet. Find out how to Do Something Now…

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