Quotes: who’s been saying what

“Climate change is the single biggest long-term problem we face – the evidence is overwhelming”
Tony Blair, UK Prime Minister

“Climate change is the biggest challenge facing the world… people must change their behaviour and their attitudes. If we care about our grandchildren then we have to do something, and we have to demand that our governments do something”
Sir David Attenborough, Broadcaster

“Imagine melting polar icecaps and rising sea levels, threatening highly developed coastal areas… Imagine a warmer and wetter world in which diseases such as malaria and yellow fever spread easily… this is not science fiction; it is sober prediction”
Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General

“This is a huge problem. If we don’t deal with this within just a few years, you will have island nations flooded; you will have the agricultural balance of most countries completely changed; you will have a dramatic increase in severe, unmanageable weather events”
Bill Clinton, Former US President

“Climate change is a far greater threat to the world than international terrorism”
Sir David King, UK Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor

“If it were only a few degrees, that would be serious, but we could adapt to it. But the danger is the warming process might be unstable and run away… It could be too late if we wait until the bad effects become obvious. We need action now to reduce emission of carbon dioxide”
Professor Stephen Hawking, Physicist

“Our house is burning down and we are blind to it. The Earth and humankind are in danger and we are all responsible… we cannot say we did not know!”
Jacques Chirac, French President