Do Something Now

We must cut our carbon emissions and stop climate change before it’s too late.

You can do something right now to stop climate change. The links below give ideas for the way you use Electricity and Heat, the way you Travel and your Lifestyle choices.

Electricity: the juice that powers our lives
Almost all our electricity is generated in power stations which burn coal and gas and contribute directly to climate change.

You can make a difference by using efficient appliances, reducing electricity wastage, using a renewable source of electricity or closely monitoring the electricity you use around the home.

Heat: the warmth we need to survive
Most of us burn gas or oil to heat our homes and this emits greenhouse gases which directly cause climate change.

You can make a difference by keeping the heat in your house more efficiently, reducing the heat you use or switching to a renewable form of heat supply.

Travel: the way we get around
The fuels which power our planes and cars are based on oil and emit greenhouse gases as we travel, directly causing climate change.

You can make a difference by switching to a low-carbon vehicle, flying less, using public transport, driving more efficiently or offsetting your unavoidable emissions using carbon offsets.

Lifestyle: the way we live our lives
The decisions we make each day as consumers and citizens have a direct impact on causing or combating climate change.
You can make a difference by making sensible buying decisions, playing an active role in the climate change debate and letting others know what they can do.

We are all responsible for the 500 million tonnes of carbon dioxide which the UK puts into the atmosphere every year.