Use energy efficient appliances

This section introduces a range of products you can buy which reduce your electricity usage, save you money on your bills and significantly reduce your impact on climate change.

You’ll find everything from small items like light bulbs, to big white goods items like washing machines and even innovative gadgets such as solar-powered battery chargers.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs last up to 12 times longer than normal bulbs, so each one can reduce your lighting costs by up to � over the lifetime of the bulb. There’s a wide range of attractive designs now available and they emit 70% less carbon dioxide than normal bulbs.

The following are recommended online suppliers of low-energy light bulbs.

Need One Now – wide range of low energy bulbs at low prices, including new bulbs which can be used with dimmer switches.

Energy Savers Direct – online store with interactive guidance to help you get the most out of your energy saving bulbs.

Low Energy Lighting – specialist site offering wide range of different low energy lights and light fittings.

Efficient Light – supplier of energy saving lighting products. They also sell LED Lamps, fittings, torches and headlamps.

Megaman UK – innovative manufacturer of new improved energy saving lighting designs.

BLT Direct – website selling a range of low energy efficient lighbulbs in various different styles.

Energy Saving World – online store selling energy saving lightbulbs and other energy saving products.

Iguana Direct – the UK’s only online retailer to deal exclusively in energy efficient appliances and lighting products.

Ryness – specialist high street and online retailer of light bulbs and lighting equipment.

Saving Energy Partnership – online store selling high quality energy efficient lights and other energy saving products.

What wattage do I need?

This table gives an indication of the energy rating of efficient bulbs relative to normal ones so that you can work out what to buy when replacing your old lights:

  Traditional wattage 

   Energy saving bulb   

 40 W

7 W 

 60 W

 11 W

 100 W

 20 W

 150 W

 30 W

Click here for more information and on the comparisons between traditional and energy saving bulbs from BLT Direct.

Want to know more about energy-saving light bulbs?

National Energy Foundation – general information about energy-saving bulbs, including an explanation of relative power ratings.

Ban the Bulb – a campaign to save money and help the environment by using energy efficient light bulbs.

White Goods

A-Rated White Goods

A-rated appliances use less energy than normal ones and have a reduced impact on climate change as well as costing you much less money each year.

A-rated goods are available from all high-street and online appliance retailers.

EU Energy Labelling

All white goods have to have an EU energy label rating by law. These rate appliances from the most energy saving (A-rated) down to the least efficient (G-rated).

Always look for the energy label when buying white goods. The A-rated goods tend to be priced similarly to other goods but they will save you money over the operational life as well as reducing your impact on climate change.

Fridges and Freezers

The fridge-freezer is one of the biggest energy using devices in your home. A-rated energy saving fridge-freezers use over 60% less energy than older ones, saving you up to £££ a year.
Click here to download a report from the Ethical Consumer website which compares the performance of a range of difference fridges and freezers.

Washing Machines

The average washing machine does over 250 wash cycles each year. An A-rated machine uses over 30% less energy than a typical old one, saving you up to £££ a year and reducing carbon emissions.


The average dishwasher does around 250 cycles per year. An A-rated dishwasher will use around 40% less energy than a typical old one, saving you up to ££ per year and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Energy Saving Recommended

If you’re shopping for new appliances, always choose ones with the Energy Saving Recommended logo. Products that carry the logo all meet strict energy efficiency criteria set by the Energy Saving Trust, which is backed by the Government.

The Energy Saving Recommended logo is your guarantee that the product will save energy, cost less to run and help save the planet by reducing your impact on climate change.

Click here for more EST information on energy efficient products or to find a local retailer of accredited products.


Innovative Energy Saving Gadgets

In addition to lighting products and white goods there is an ever-increasing range of eco-friendly products available which help you cut down the energy you use and reduce your impact on climate change.

Unique energy saving kettle which helps ensure you only boil the amount of water required, thus saving energy and carbon emissions.

Replaces the normal plug on your fridge or freezer and limits the power drawn when the motor is running, but allows full power when needed.

One-click intelligent mains panel
Automatically powers all your computer peripherals but stops them drawing unnecessary power when your computer is not in use.

Remote Control Socket Adaptors
These adaptors allow you to remotely control mains powered sockets, allowing easy switching off of devices when they’re not in use.

Sensor Light
This sensor activates your lights when you’re in the room but switches them off automatically after you leave the room to save energy.

Solar Battery Charger
Unique solar-powered charger for Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) batteries. Recharge efficiently without using mains electricity.

Solar-powered iPod charger
Combining power with style, this device lets you recharge your iPod anywhere where there’s daylight.

Solar Backpacks – hi-tech mobile power generator bags designed to charge devices such as mobile phones whilst on the move, without the need for mains electricity.

Solar-powered phone charger
Allows your mobile phone to be charged via the solar panel (when the sun is shining) or by the rechargeable batteries included.

Freeplay Wind-up Phone Charger
Converts mechanical power into electricity to charge your mobile. A 45 second wind-up powers your phone for several hours of standby.

Freeplay Wind-Up Radio
This stylish radio is powered by a wind-up handle and doens’t require any electricity to play. 30s of winding gives over 30 minutes of power.

Freeplay Wind-up Torch
Stylish torch which converts human wind-up energy into light based on LED technology.

Solar-powered Garden Lights
This light absorbs solar energy during the day and automatically comes on at dusk (this can be overridden) and provide up to 8 hours of light.

Recommended Retailers
The folliowing are recommended online retailers of innovative energy saving products.

The online green shop that offers you a natural collection of interesting and innovative environmental and socially responsible products.

The electrical supplies and lighting expert retailer, providing a complete range of energy-saving solutions for the home.

The Green Shop
Provides sustainable and low-impact products for homes, based on the philosophy “if you want to change the world you must begin from where you are”.

International leaders in self-sufficient energy products combining wind-up, solar and rechargable power into unique, portable consumer devices.


Efficient Appliances

Sust-It – informative site providing energy usage data on the most efficient appliances in the market, including a wide range of white goods and home entertainment systems.

Eco Electricals – online store selling only the most energy efficient models on the market today, ranging from light bulbs to fridges.

Appliance Energy Usage Data
This data sheet shows you typical figures for how much your household appliances cost you and how much carbon dioxide they emit. It’s taken from the European Commission website You Control Climate Change.

Low Energy House – interactive model of how much energy and carbon dioxide you can save by making simple changes to an average 3-bedroom house.