Use a renewable electricity supplier

A number of utility companies are now offering a service where they provide your home with electricity that has been generated from renewable energy sources, such as wind farms.

There are no physical changes required to your house, the supplier simply promises to put onto the national grid the same amount of “clean” energy as you use. As more and more people sign up to these tariffs it incentivises energy companies to generate an increasing proportion of our energy from renewables.

Many companies are now offering a ‘green’ tariff, but the quality, availability and price of these vary significantly. Check out Green Electricity Marketplace for the latest information.
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The following are recommended suppliers of clean electricity in the UK.

Good Energy – supplies 100% of electricity from clean sources and will also remunerate you for any electricity you generate yourself.

Ecotricity – provides a portion of your electricity from clean sources and actively invests your money into building new wind farms.

Green Energy – provides a portion of your electricity from clean sources, including wind, solar, hydro-electric and biomass.

Independent review

National Consumer Council report from December 2006 comparing the relative performance of different green electricity tariffs available on the market.
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Related News

Green power generators who spout a lot of hot air
The Guardian – 17 December 2006
People signing up to green energy tariffs in an effort to do their bit for the environment are being misled by many of the companies offering them. Of the 12 ‘green’ electricity tariffs available, only two are going further than the suppliers are required to by law. The highest-scoring supplier was Good Energy, a small independent company that offers its customers 100 per cent renewable electricity.

Switching to green power is easy
The Telegraph – 7 September 2006
Getting panicked by all the end-of-the-world global-warming headlines? Then now’s your chance to do something about it. If you spend just a few minutes’ on paperwork, every time you boil the kettle, charge your phone or watch TV, your power could be coming from a wind farm or a hydro-electric plant.