Actively monitor your electricity use

By far the most important step in reducing your electricity usage is being aware of how much you’re using and which of your day-to-day activities use the most electricity.

The products in this section are designed to help you monitor and understand your home electricity usage. Once you know how much you’re using and how much power specific devices take up you’ll find yourself much more conscious about your energy consumption and the bills will start to go down dramatically. What’s more you’ll be actively watching and reducing your impact on climate change.

Electrisave Wireless Energy Monitor – this innovative device clips easily onto the unit where the electricity enters your house and sends real-time energy usage information to a wireless hand-held unit. So you can see what electricity you’re using at any time and from anywhere in the house.

Plug-in mains power monitor – you can monitor the electricity use of any appliance in your house by plugging it into this unit and then into the mains as normal. This is a fantastic tool for understanding which of your appliances use the most energy. You may be surprised to find as we did that some devices even use electricity when they’re turned “off”.