Heat: the warmth we need to survive

Most of us burn gas or oil to heat our homes and this emits greenhouse gases which directly cause climate change. Here’s what you can do…

Keep the heat in your house

It’s very easy for heat to escape from our houses, which means we keep the heating on for longer, thus contributing to more climate change. There are some very practical things you can do to keep heat in and save money.

Reduce the heat you use

Have you ever thought about how much heat you waste? There are many simple things you can do to reduce what you use, significantly reduce your impact on climate change and save money too!

Use a modern and efficient boiler

Modern condensing boilers use considerably less gas than traditional ones, thus significantly reducing the impact on climate change. They’re quick to install and save on space as well as money.

Use a renewable source of heat

Various technologies now exist to generate your heat at home from renewable sources, without contributing to climate change. These include biomass heaters, solar heating systems and heat pumps.