Reduce the heat you use

Over 60% of our household carbon dioxide emissions are due to the fossil fuels (such as natural gas) which we burn to heat our homes. By taking a number of sensible steps we can reduce the heat we use, save money on our bills and substantially reduce our emissons.

Turn down your thermostat

Turning down your thermostat by just 1 degree could cut your carbon dioxide emissions by over 5% as well as saving you around ££ per year. Do you really need the house to be quite that hot?

Turn down your hot water temperature

Most boilers allow you to adjust the temperature of your hot water. By turning this down you can save on the gas you use and reduce your carbon emissions, whilst still enjoying comfortably hot water.

Only heat your house when you’re there

There’s nothing wrong with a nice warm house, so long as there’s someone there to enjoy it! There’s no point in having your heating for long periods whilst you’re out – it’s a waste of money and contributes to climate change.

Avoid wasting hot water

Don’t leave the hot tap running when washing up or cleaning your teeth – your boiler has to work harder and emits more carbon dioxide. Also, by showering instead of taking a bath you use around 50% less energy.

Use an insulation jacket for your boiler tank

By fitting an insulating jacket at least 75mm (3″) thick to your boiler tank you can significantly reduce the heat wasted in your house and save £££ per year on your heating bill.

Get your boiler serviced regularly

Regularly servicing your boiler ensures that it is operating as efficiently as possible. This is turn reduces the cost of your heating and helps prevent you making unecessary contributions to climate change.

Plug leaks around doors and windows

Gaps around doors and windows let energy escape outside where it’s just wasted. It’s very simple to plug gaps with draft proofing or a simple sealant. It gets rid of draughts and saves money and energy.

Choose the appropriate size pans for cooking

A lot of the energy you use when cooking on the hob goes into heating up the pan. If you use a bigger pan than is necessary for the dish you’re making it uses more energy unnecessarily. Think before you cook!

Make use of natural warmth from sunlight

Sunlight is a wonderful source of natural heat as well as light. If it’s sunny outside then open curtains and blinds to let the maximum energy into the room (but close them at night to keep the warmth in!)

Don’t use patio heaters

Yes perhaps they look nice and yes sometimes the weather isn’t just warm enough to sit outside, but patio heaters are a waste of energy and contribute to climate change. Avoid buying and using them if at all possible.