Travel: the way we get around

The fuels which power our cars are based on oil and emit greenhouse gases as we drive, causing climate change. Here’s what you can do…

Switch to a car with lower emissions

Conventional cars burn oil-based fuels and contribute directly to climate change. However, there are now great performing hybrid and electric cars available with signficantly reduced emissions.

Use low-emission forms of transport

Each time we fly or drive by road we contribute directly to climate change by burning fossil fuels. If we switch more of our journeys to train or bus this reduces our impact and if we walk or cycle we have no impact!

Drive more efficiently

The way we drive makes a significant difference to the amount of fuel we burn and therefore our impact on climate change. Driving efficiently reduces the impact that each journey has and is better for your car too.

Offset your unavoidable emissions

For many people a certain number of flights and car journeys are unavoidable. However, it’s now possible to “offset” the impact these journeys have on climate change, by investing in carbon offset projects.