Lifestyle: the way we live our lives

The decisions we make each day as consumers have a direct impact on causing or combating climate change. Here’s what you can do…

Be a sustainable consumer

Every product we buy consumes energy when being made or transported. By being aware of these impacts and using a “sustainable” shopping approach we can significantly reduce our impact on climate change.

Make your finances climate-friendly

The way we save or invest our money can have a positive benefit for the planet if we choose ethical companies or products which aim to avoid contributing to climate change.

Get involved and spread the word

As individuals we can make a difference but only together can we really stop climate change. Stay involved in the debate, spread the word about climate change and encourage others to do their bit too.

Get expert carbon-saving advice

You don’t have to struggle on your own to combat climate change. There are experts out there who can do a review of your lifestyle and provide practical advice on how to reduce your impact and save money.