Make your finances climate-friendly

The way you invest and use your money can have a positive impact on climate change. The following are financial services and products that either invest in activities to combat climate change or actively avoid investing in activities which would otherwise have an adverse impact.

Ecology Building Society – provides mortgages which can help to fund energy efficient refurbishments to reduce the carbon impact of your house.

Climate Sure – provides car and travel insurance policies with carbon offsets built in to try and alleviate the damage to the climate caused by your activities.

Triodos Bank – bank with strong green credentials which uses your money for ethical investments, such as alternative energy companies.

Co-operative Bank – bank which refuses to invest in any business which could contribute to climate change, such as fossil fuel extraction or production.

Merrill Lynch New Energy Fund – investment trust which aims to generate long-term capital growth by investing in companies which focus on alternative technologies, such as wind energy.