Get involved and spread the word

Doing your bit to reduce your impact on climate change is vitally important. However, it’s equally important that you influence the others around you. The best way to do that is to stay involved in the debate and tell people how they can make a difference too.

Get involved and stay informed

Climate change is a massive issue and unfortunately it’s here to stay, at least in the medium-term. Continue to make a difference by staying involved in the discussions and stay up-to-speed with the latest developments. Here are some suggestions:

Donate to a charity working on climate change

There are many organisations out there doing great work to combat climate change and raise awareness about its dangers and what we can do about it. Here are some you might want to consider donating to:

  • Pure
  • Global Cool
  • Global Giving (Climate Change)
  • Climate Group
  • Climate Outreach and Information Network
  • Campaign Against Climate Change
  • Take Global Warming Seriously
  • Centre for Alternative Technology
  • Greenpeace
  • Friends of the Earth

Tell your friends and family about climate change

There are millions of us living our lives oblivious to the devastating impact we are having on the future of our planet. Those of us who care have a responsibility to make sure those close to us are aware of the issues.

This is a great article about how to talk to a climate change sceptic and explain that it’s really happening.

Encourage others to do their bit

You’re doing your bit to reduce your carbon emissions and combat climate change, but it’s vital everyone else does their bit too. Tell people about the things you’ve changed and the difference you made as a result.

Promote energy-saving at work / school

Saving the planet doesn’t just happen at home. The same principles of awareness, energy saving and sustainability need to be applied in our workplaces and schools. Why not start a new energy-saving initiative with colleagues…

Measure and reduce your carbon footprint

The best way to continue making a difference is to monitor your carbon footprint (energy bills, travel etc). You’ll be surprised how much you can save just from some of the products and advice on this website.