Top Tips: 10 easy things we can all do

So how on earth can any of us help reduce climate change – surely that takes a lot of money and effort doesn’t it?

No, in fact some of the simplest things you can do to make a big difference are in fact the easiest and cheapest. Below is our list of the top ten easy actions we can all take to directly reduce our impact on climate change.

1. Install energy-saving light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs last up to 12 times longer than normal bulbs. There’s a wide range of attractive designs now available and they emit 70% less carbon dioxide than normal bulbs. Change yours today!

2. Turn off appliances when you’ve finished

It makes no sense to leave appliances on if you’re not using them – you’re simply wasting energy, losing money and contributing to climate change. Turn that TV off when you’re not watching it!

3. Switch to a renewable electricity supplier

Some energy suppliers can now provide you with electricity that is produced from 100% renewable sources, thus avoiding causing climate change. It’s easy to switch and prices are very competitive.

4. Actively monitor your energy use

If you keep an eye on the electricity you use it’s much easier to reduce your climate change impact and save money on your bill. There are various easy-to-use products that let you see exactly what you’re using.

5. Insulate your house

Insulating your house is a very effective way to reduce your carbon emissions. On average 30% of your heat simply escapes through the walls and is wasted. It’s simple and easy to install and makes a big difference.

6. Turn down your heating

Turning down your thermostat by just 1°C could cut your carbon dioxide emissions by over 5% as well as saving you around £30 per year. Do you really need the house to be that hot? What about wearing a jumper?

7. Use a modern and efficient boiler

Modern condensing boilers use considerably less gas than traditional ones, thus significantly reducing the impact on climate change. They’re quick to install and save on space as well as money.

8. Use low-emission forms of transport

Each time we fly or drive by road we contribute directly to climate change by burning fossil fuels. If we switch more of our journeys to train or bus this reduces our impact and if we walk or cycle we have no impact!

9. Cut down on unnecessary flights

Air travel is a huge contributor to climate change and its impact is growing more rapidly each year. Always ask yourself – do you really need to fly or is it possible to travel closer to home or go via train instead?

10. Don’t buy things you don’t really need

Most of us far more ‘stuff’ than we ever need. Every time you buy a product you’re responsible for the emissions due to its manufacture, packaging and transport. So only buy stuff you really need or will actually use.